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Beyond Boys

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Transnificent is a unique site featuring the diverse and wonderful world of trans men and masc identifying.

They're proud, confident, magnificent trans men - totally transnificent!

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    Dickie Wolfe's Dildo Demonstration!

    You go to your friend's house to grab her bikini for her but you find her big brother there hanging out. Dickie is kind of an unorganized dude, and you realize he has some sex toys on his messy table. Once Dickie notices you staring at them, he asks if you've ever used one and wants to give you a demonstration! He shows you how to suck it, and then he reveals to you he has a bonus hole he gets to stick it into before sliding it in there and fucking himself and cums right in front of you. It may have just been for "educational purposes" but that's not what the bulge and mess in your pants says! Now you need to find more reasons to visit!

    16th Jul 2024

    14:35 HD Video
    & 102 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Jesse Diamond Fucks Jack London!

    Now that you have met our favorite two post-op trans masc performers Jesse Diamond and Jack London, we would like to bless you with a scene of them having some fun together! This hot video starts off with a fun interview with the two of them, telling you a bit about how their anatomy works, and what they are capable of doing with them, and then things start to get hot and heavy! Jesse gets his dick and his t-dick sucked, and then he adds some toys to his dick to bring you his first ever topping experience with his new cock! Jack gets his hole fucked and dick stroked, and a good time is had by all!

    9th Jul 2024

    32:14 HD Video
    & 145 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    The Tight End!

    Linebacker Jaq Quicksilver lets you know they need to talk to you after practice, but when you finally run into them in the locker room you are quite surprised. Jaq explains that you are the best coach in the league, but you need to realize that they were built more to be a tight end, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get that position reassignment! Jaq undresses and fucks you right there in the locker room, ending up on their knees begging for the position AND your load!

    2nd Jul 2024

    17:47 HD Video
    & 58 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Jerking With Jack London!

    Today we would like to welcome Jack London to your spank bank! Jack is a post-op trans man with phalloplasty, and he wants you to jerk off with him! After telling you a bit about himself, Jack quickly gets down to business and gets naked to show off his thick cock and wet hole. He knows you would have a hard time deciding whether to suck him off or fuck him hard, so he shows you what it would be like to do both!

    25th Jun 2024

    11:59 HD Video
    & 98 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Meet Muscle Daddy Jesse Diamond!

    Today we would like to introduce you to Transnificent's first post-op performer with phalloplasty, Jesse Diamond! This sexy muscle daddy has the body to throw you around in some of the best ways! Just watching him flex will get your blood pumping, but just you wait until he's naked, fucking his hole and stroking his cock to cum for you!

    18th Jun 2024

    17:10 HD Video
    & 125 Photos

      Rating: 5.00

    Afternoon Delight With Salem And Price!

    Salem Sabotage comes home in the afternoon to find that Price has started play time without him, so he quickly straps up to join the fun. Salem uses Price's favorite toy to rub on his throbbing t-dick and Price returns the favor by sucking Salem's strap and tongue fucking his hole. After just the right amount of teasing to make up for starting without him, Salem decides to fuck Price's dripping hole till he cums hard

    11th Jun 2024

    18:13 HD Video
    & 162 Photos

      Rating: N/A

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