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Transnificent is a unique site featuring the diverse and wonderful world of trans men and male-identifying.

They're proud, confident, magnificent trans men - totally transnificent!

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    Rex brought his own fetishy outfits to the shoot, and in Kalin's studio he looks right at home. Pulling his big cock from his tight pants, he leaves it hard, erect and ready to be worshipped. Are you ready to get used by Rex?

    20th May 2022
    16:03 HD Video
    & 118 Photos

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    Sora Locke is back and they are extra horny! They brought one of their favorite toys because it makes them cum over and over! After stripping down, Sora gets right to playing with themselves and fingers their needy hole. Once Sora starts playing with the toy, they quickly start cumming again and again, making a wet mess in the process!

    19th May 2022
    15:15 HD Video
    & 111 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Keith Eros was extremely horny and needed a get away so he decided to organize a Vegas trip for him and 9 of his closest friends, Austin Spears, Annette Rae Love, Sammi Smith, Lily Fox, Jaq Quicksilver, Sora Locke, Zoey Jpeg, Gigi, and Ambrose! They all had lots of sex throughout the trip but it finally boiled down to everyone wanting to fuck each other AT ONCE! Watch as these 10 hot trans people all play with each other until they are completely cummed out!

    17th May 2022
    43:36 HD Video
    & 208 Photos

      Rating: 5.00

    Nicky Z is back and he is ready to cum with you! He strips down quickly and shoves a huge plug into his tight asshole before turning on the vibe for his dick. His sexy body is so flexible and he squirms as he rubs the vibe on his dick in multiple positions before cumming so hard just for you!

    13th May 2022
    14:20 HD Video
    & 116 Photos

      Rating: 5.00

    Today we are excited to introduce you to Brad Pardee! He is new to the Grooby family and he's going to be one of our naughtiest friends yet! After telling you a bit about his most recent outdoor escapade, Brad just can't help but to get undressed and play with himself! He fucks himself with his dildo until he is so worked up he just can't hold back any longer!

    12th May 2022
    14:01 HD Video
    & 113 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Everybery is back to finish what he started! Clad in leather straps this hot Russian fucks himself while massaging his glistening hard dick until he climaxes!

    10th May 2022
    17:09 HD Video
    & 105 Photos

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