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Beyond Boys

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Transnificent is a unique site featuring the diverse and wonderful world of trans men and masc identifying.

They're proud, confident, magnificent trans men - totally transnificent!

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    Afternoon Delight With Salem And Price!

    Salem Sabotage comes home in the afternoon to find that Price has started play time without him, so he quickly straps up to join the fun. Salem uses Price's favorite toy to rub on his throbbing t-dick and Price returns the favor by sucking Salem's strap and tongue fucking his hole. After just the right amount of teasing to make up for starting without him, Salem decides to fuck Price's dripping hole till he cums hard

    11th Jun 2024

    18:13 HD Video
    & 162 Photos

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    Don't Tell Anyone I Want Your Dick!

    You catch Viktor Belmont in your room sniffing your dirty jock strap. He confesses to you how horny it makes him to fantasize about your dick and he starts touching himself right in your bed. Viktor rubs his cock and fingers his hole as he begs you not to tell anyone about this feral encounter and you stroke along as you watch him cum right in front of you!

    4th Jun 2024

    16:10 HD Video
    & 123 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    It's Time To Meet Mistrx Sin!

    Today we are thrilled to introduce you to your new favorite nonbinary demonatrix, Mistrx Sin! They usually present a bit more on the femme side for their own content, but they so graciously decided to show off their true masc form for us on Transnificent! Sin is so incredibly sexy and sultry, and you get to join them as they strip off their clothes and use toys to cum hard just for you!

    28th May 2024

    14:04 HD Video
    & 128 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Haskel Holland Makes His Rounds!

    Dillon Diaz comes home from the gym to confront Haskell Holland about a rumor he's heard at the gym. Turns out that Haskell fucked Dillon's husband Jake, and Dillon is wondering when it's his turn! Haskell immediately starts going down on Dillon, and then he returns the favor before fucking Haskell all over the bed, making him squirt everywhere until they are both soaked & exhausted!

    21st May 2024

    21:21 HD Video
    & 111 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Keith Eros Makes You Cum In Your Condom!

    Keith Eros knows how fast you always cum, so today he's going to test your endurance! Keith undresses as he teases you, talking dirty about how hard you are, already so close to climax. Every movement he makes drives you crazy, and as you watch him use one of his favorite toys you are just edging closer and closer to busting. Finally Keith pulls out a big dildo and gives you permission to cum when he does, so you let out every last drop into the condom he made you put on!

    14th May 2024

    16:11 HD Video
    & 187 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Haskell Holland Is Slippery When Wet!

    Haskell Holland is the king of squirting, and in this soaking wet scene Haskell greets you in his teddy bear pjs that quickly end up on the floor! Haskell teases you with his wet hole and masturbates right in front of you, grabbing a big dildo and making himself squirt fountains! Download the VR version and watch on your headset to experience being soaked in Haskell's hot cum in 3D!

    7th May 2024

    17:29 HD Video
    & 134 Photos

      Rating: N/A

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