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Transnificent is a unique site featuring the diverse and wonderful world of trans men and male-identifying.

They're proud, confident, magnificent trans men - totally transnificent!

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    It's February, Let's Fuck! -with Brad Pardee & Corey Mack

    Brad Pardee and Corey Mack are horny because it's February and they want to fuck! After sensually undressing each other, Brad sucks Corey's cock until Corey decides he's ready to bend brad over and pound his wet hole! They fuck all over the couch and even on the floor before Corey cums all over Brad's face!

    7th Feb 2023

    18:39 HD Video
    & 185 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Sweaty Shower Sex with Dickie Wolfe!

    Dickie Wolfe is all sweaty and about to hop in the shower, but notices you watching him and invites you to join! Dickie's body looks so good all glistening and wet, and you watch as he uses the shower head on his dick before sucking and fucking a huge dildo until he cums!

    2nd Feb 2023

    12:04 HD Video
    & 88 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Pillow Fights and Blowjobs with Gabe tha Babe!

    Gabe tha Babe just got home and he realizes you're feeling feisty, so he starts a playful pillow fight with you! As you both get sweaty you take off some clothes to cool down and Gabe decides you should masturbate with him. Since you're already stripped down you can't help but to play along, but after a while you get offered a blowjob. Are you going to let him do it?!

    31st Jan 2023

    10:55 HD Video
    & 88 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Dickie Wolfe's New Dick Piercing!

    Dickie Wolfe is back and he's here to show you his new favorite toy, his dick piercing! After stripping down and humping his pillow until his hole is wet, he shows off how intense his orgasms are with the new addition along with a vibrator and a dildo!

    26th Jan 2023

    12:48 HD Video
    & 117 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Gabe tha Babe Gets the Dick!

    Gabe tha Babe is here to get dicked down during the hot debut! After telling you a bit about himself, Gabe is going to make you drool as he strips down and shows off his hot body before grabbing his toy and fucking his hole until it's dripping with creamy cum!

    24th Jan 2023

    12:37 HD Video
    & 88 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Real Sex: Episode 3 - Ambrose Quartz & Gigi Moons!

    We know you recognize these two hotties, Ambrose Quartz and Gigi Moons, from other videos on Transnificent, today they are here to give you a glimpse of their real life relationship! Ambrose loves anal, and Gigi loves pleasing Ambrose, so they end up fisting his ass until Ambrose cums so much he turns into a big puddle of cummed-out himbo!

    19th Jan 2023

    15:56 HD Video
    & 84 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

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