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Transnificent is a unique site featuring the diverse and wonderful world of trans men and male-identifying.

They're proud, confident, magnificent trans men - totally transnificent!

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    Popsicle Playtime with Jaq Quicksilver!

    In this scorching self submission by Jaq Quicksilver, Jaq is just so over the winter weather and can't wait for summer to show off their hot body. Jaq decides they need to manifest the warm sun by doing summer activities like playing with popsicles! After showing off their summer physique, Jaq pulls out their popsicle dildo and fucks themselves right in front of you and now you can't wait for those beach body days either!

    21st Mar 2023

    09:14 HD Video
    & 64 Photos

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    My Hole Ate my Homework with Apollo Moon!

    In this sexy self-produced scene by Apollo Moon, Apollo is sick of school and would rather be cumming for you instead, so he decides to do just that! He teases you by undressing so sensually before he sucks his toy for you to imagine it was you. He then climbs on his desk and fucks himself until he cums all over his homework!

    16th Mar 2023

    15:30 HD Video
    & 102 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Illuminated Love with Gabe tha Babe and Tati Toxica

    Gabe tha Babe is back and this time he brought his partner Tati Toxica! They want to show the world their favorite ways to fuck when they are alone. The first thing they do is set the mood with some chill lighting before sensually undressing each other. Gabe loves giving Tati head and Tati loves sitting on Gabe's face. When you watch this couple together you will see that they are made for each other both inside the bedroom and out!

    14th Mar 2023

    16:56 HD Video
    & 95 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    VIP with Kane!

    Kane is back and this time he's invited you to the VIP room where he strips for you and talks dirty, knowing it turns you on so much! He then wants you to watch while he fucks himself with his favorite toy and gets off!

    9th Mar 2023

    12:59 HD Video
    & 99 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Revé Goes for a Ride!

    Revé is back and this time he brought even more of his homemade toys to show off! He surprises you by already having the sexiest butt plug deep in his ass. He shows it off as he strips down and teases you before using his other toys to grind and ride until you both cum!

    7th Mar 2023

    13:03 HD Video
    & 160 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

    Kane is the King of Your Castle!

    Today we are going to introduce you to the king of your dreams, Kane! After telling you a little bit about himself, Kane teases you by stripping and moving his body around so sensually it drives you crazy! Kane then tells you what he really wants to do, and that is to touch himself! Using one of his favorite dildos, Kane fuck his wet hole for you until you both cum hard!

    2nd Mar 2023

    14:50 HD Video
    & 98 Photos

      Rating: 0.00

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