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Judas X & The Big Dildo!

Today we are excited to introduce to you Judas X! He is new to the Grooby family and he is about to show you why he belongs here! After telling you about himself, Judas starts talking about his body and what he like having done to it. He strips his clothes and starts stroking his swollen clit through his underwear. You're dying to see it and just as you can't handle it anymore, Judas finally takes them off and reveals his beautiful boy pussy. Judas is so horny and ready to take a cock so he pulls out a dildo sucks it briefly before shoving it right into his wet hole! Judas pounds his pussy while stroking his hard clit and he gets so close to cumming! You will be literally on the "edge" the entire time this hottie is on your screen in this juicy Grooby debut produced by Penny Petalz and Nikki Sequoia.

3rd Dec 2021

13:47 HD Video
& 120 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Brex Boogie Pumps It!

Brex Boogie is back and he is horny as fuck! Brex shows off his hot hairy body by wearing a small jock strap and a leather harness. His body looks so good and you both start to get very excited. Brex starts rubbing his cock through his jock strap and pinching his nipples until he can't wait any longer and strips off his jock strap and hops on the bed. Brex pumps his dick up with his pump and fingers his hairy hole till it's pulsing and winking. With his legs back and feet up in the air, Brex pulls out a magic want and vibrates his swollen dick, humping the hitachi until his body convulses as he cums so hard!

2nd Dec 2021

14:17 HD Video
& 118 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Atlas Cummings & Rowan Sex It Up!

Rowan started getting hot and heavy with himself when Atlas walks in and takes over. Atlas rubs on Rowan to work him up before getting him undressed and sucking his dick. Rowan then returns the favor and once Atlas feels Rowan has been a good boy, Atlas decides that it's time to introduce Rowan to an assortment of new toys that will get them both off!

30th Nov 2021

30:26 HD Video
& 182 Photos

    Rating: 3.00

Haskell Plays With The Big Toys!

Haskell Holland is back and he is ready to get down to business! In this wet and wild scene produced by Penny Petalz and Nikki Sequoia, Haskell immediately strips and shows off his hot tattooed body. Haskell brought multiple toys to satisfy himself and he starts with his favorite vibrator. He uses the vibe and cums again and again, squirting all over the bed. He then brings out a huge dildo to fill his needy hole and continues to have so many orgasms that you will lose count!

26th Nov 2021

12:24 HD Video
& 128 Photos

    Rating: 0.00

Meet Horny Felix!

Felix is new to the Grooby family and he's ready to show you why! Felix introduces himself to you and tells a bit about himself and his kinks, before stripping down and showing off his hot body. Felix fingers his pussy and strokes his dick while telling you just how much he likes it. He then pulls out one of his favorite dildos to stuff his hole while wishing it was yours!

23rd Nov 2021

15:28 HD Video
& 127 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Viktor Fucks Himself

Hot guy Viktor is back and he brought his dildo! He's a horny one and wanted to fuck himself for your viewing pleasure!

15th Nov 2021

15:32 HD Video
& 109 Photos

    Rating: 0.00

Magnificent Trans-Men in Solo and Hardcore Scenes!
Enter the world of these proud, diverse and wonderful guys!

Say Hi To Teddy Bare Naked!

Teddy Bare Naked is a 23 year old cutie originally from Alaska. Now living in Portland, Teddy has been able to be his most authentic self and loving every moment. Teddy is new to the industry, having only started in May 2021, but he assures you that you will see more of him around as he works on creating tons of content! In his free time, Teddy enjoys making clay sculptures and in general anything that he can get his hands dirty doing. Teddy is a hairy BHM teddy bear who loves belly rubs and cuddles just as much as he loves being dominant in the bedroom and he's here to show you just how lovable and fuckable he is!

10th Nov 2021

13:10 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 0.00

Jameson Grae Fucks Judas X!

Judas just can't seem to pass his college course and he needs a tutor before he loses his scholarship. Jameson Grae is ready to start the lesson, but Judas confesses why he can't pay attention in class. Jameson agrees to give Judas an A if the oral exam goes well and proceeds to fuck him till his mind is clear again! Jameson was happy to shoot with his long time friend Judas, and he shows just what an amazing top he is and he squirts so much! Judas loves showing off his body and his favorite part of the scene was getting fucked from behind, showing off his perfect ass.

10th Nov 2021

28:45 HD Video
& 185 Photos

    Rating: 0.00

Billy Lore & Dee Darkholme Fuck!

In this passionate & kinky scene, Billy Lore is a door to door collar salesman who desperately needs to make a sale, and Dee Darkholme seems like the perfect client to sell to. Billy shows Dee how the collar fits and immediately Dee is turned into such a good boy for Billy, fucking him just the way he likes! Billy just loves topping from the bottom, and is excited to show viewers the passionate kind of sex that Dee and him have in their personal life. Dee loves when they get to fist Billy, and their favorite part of the scene was grinding on Billy's back while they shoved their fingers inside Billy's wet hole.

10th Nov 2021

30:20 HD Video
& 176 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Introducing Billy Lore!

We are excited to introduce you to Billy Lore! He is new to the Grooby family and he's ready to leave you begging for more! In this gripping debut, Billy starts off by telling you a bit about himself and his kinks. Billy then strips out of his clothes and shows off his perfect ass in his hot jockstrap before he starts playing with his swolen dick. He fingers his holes before quickly deciding he needs much more than that and pulls out a huge dildo to fuck himself with. Billy then pounds his perfect boy pussy and rides that big dildo as he reaches the edge of ecstasy!

9th Nov 2021

15:02 HD Video
& 134 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Noah Tries A Big Dildo!

We are excited to introduce to you Noah Way! He is new to the Grooby family and he stole our hearts immediately! Noah starts off by telling you a bit about himself and his fantasies, and this gets him all hot and bothered so he strips down and shows off his body. He starts to rub his pussy and you can see him get hard as he tugs and fingers his wet pussy in multiple positions, bringing you both right to the edge of bliss.

8th Nov 2021

15:19 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

Keith Rocks The Chair!

Today we are excited to introduce you to Keith Eros! He is new to the Grooby family and he absolutely belongs here! Keith starts off by telling you a bit about himself and his hobbies before letting you in on some of his private thoughts, like his favorite body parts and a few of his kinks. You are immediately drawn to him and need more, and Keith knows it, so he starts to undress and shows off his hot body and perfect ass. Keith starts touching his dick and fingering his hole before quickly realizing he needs something more filling. He grabs his dildo and starts fucking his tight wet pussy. Keith moans as he pounds the toy in and out and you can hear how wet he is. Keith gets into a doggy position and lets you watch his pussy grip the toy as he bounces on it with his beautiful ass and feet right in your face until you both are right on the edge!

8th Nov 2021

14:10 HD Video
& 119 Photos

    Rating: 0.00

Introducing Jameson Grae!

Today we are excited to introduce to you Jameson Grae! He is new to the Grooby family and we welcome him with open arms! In this debut scene produced by Penny Petalz and Nikki Sequoia, Jameson starts off by telling you all about himself. Jameson proves he has a soft and sensual side and as he gives you a tour of his tattoos, he strips down and shows off his beautiful body. All this sex talk has Jameson turned on, so he starts to tug on his dick till it's nice and swollen. He then starts to finger his wet hairy asshole right in your face. He then strokes himself and pinches his nipples till he is so close to cumming. Edging with Jameson is a dangerous game, do you dare to play?

8th Nov 2021

13:25 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Meet Mr. Holland!

Today we are excited to introduce you to Haskell Holland! Haskell is new to the Grooby family and he fits right in! He loves to tease and show off his hot body while you watch him play. Haskell sucks and drools all over a dildo while he plays with himself and vibes his boy pussy, edging over and over. Admire his body as he shows you just how much of a fuck toy he truly is in this smoking hot Grooby debut produced by Penny Petalz and Nikki Sequoia!

8th Nov 2021

16:06 HD Video
& 108 Photos

    Rating: 0.00

Hello Eden!

Today we are excited to introduce to you to a hot new model! Everyone please welcome Eden to the Grooby Family! Eden is a smoking hot new model invited by Penny Petalz & Nikki Sequoia to show off his sexual skills. In this captivating scene, he uses more than just his hands to have a good time!

8th Nov 2021

14:35 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Brex Boogies!

Today we are excited to introduce to you Brex Boogie! He is new to the Grooby family and his presence demands attention! In this exciting scene produced by Penny Petalz and Nikki Sequoia, Brex starts off by telling you about himself and his hobbies. Talking about all his favorite sexy activities has Brex all riled up, so he pulls out his strap on dick and strokes it right over your drooling face. After telling you everything he likes to do with his strap on cock, Brex is ready to show you his actual cock, so he strips down and starts stroking his swollen dick and fingering his hairy hole. Brex then pulls out his favorite dick pump and pumps his dick till it's so swollen he could cum at any given moment!

8th Nov 2021

15:52 HD Video
& 131 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Braden's Debut!

Today we are excited to introduce you to Braden Hughes! He is new to the Grooby family and he fits right in! In this hot scene produced by Penny Petalz and Nikki Sequoia, Braden starts off by telling you a bit about himself and showing off his cute outfit. Braden may look sweet, but he has a naughty side as well. He starts to undress and talks to you very sensually, telling you about his body and all the ways he would love you to please him. Braden then starts to pleasure himself, first by humping his bright rainbow sneaker, and then by stroking his swollen dick. Braden is so horny he has to control himself and stop before cumming too quickly multiple times. He then takes it to the next level and fingers his tight asshole till he's right on the brink of orgasm!

8th Nov 2021

14:17 HD Video
& 117 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Viktor Debuts!

Viktor is a Russian who debuts in this scene!

1st Nov 2021

16:49 HD Video
& 107 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

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