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Hair - Red Updates


Haskel Holland Makes His Rounds!

Dillon Diaz comes home from the gym to confront Haskell Holland about a rumor he's heard at the gym. Turns out that Haskell fucked Dillon's husband Jake, and Dillon is wondering when it's his turn! Haskell immediately starts going down on Dillon, and then he returns the favor before fucking Haskell all over the bed, making him squirt everywhere until they are both soaked & exhausted!

21st May 2024

21:21 HD Video
& 111 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Haskell Holland Is Slippery When Wet!

Haskell Holland is the king of squirting, and in this soaking wet scene Haskell greets you in his teddy bear pjs that quickly end up on the floor! Haskell teases you with his wet hole and masturbates right in front of you, grabbing a big dildo and making himself squirt fountains! Download the VR version and watch on your headset to experience being soaked in Haskell's hot cum in 3D!

7th May 2024

17:29 HD Video
& 134 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Introducing Bandit!

Today we would like you to meet this shy but sexy new model named Bandit! Bandit is such a cutie, and today he is debuting on Transnificent for his very first studio shoot! Bandit strips for you and shows off his body as he giggles and smirks, making you want more and more! He pulls out a big dildo and shows off his bj skills which are quite impressive! This turns him on so he decides to play with himself and grind on the big dildo until he cums so hard his legs shake!

13th Feb 2024

15:31 HD Video
& 152 Photos

    Rating: N/A

All Aboard This Bussy With Captain Cher Mii!

Ahoy! Captain Cher Mii would like you to join him on a cruise to pound town! After sneaking you onto the ship, Cher wants to show you what happens below deck! He strips out of his clothes (but the hat stays on!) and he pulls out his new favorite toy to fill his needy holes before getting back to his deck duties!

17th Oct 2023

13:33 HD Video
& 124 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Keith And Cher Find A Fuck Buddy!

Keith Eros and Cher Mii are on the dating app "Groober" to find a fuck buddy, and they happen to come across a profile that seems to be looking for them too! Zeke Nix shows up and everyone gets along so well that they jump right into the fun! Zeke brought his huge strap on dildo to have both Keith and Cher suck and fuck while playing with each other's holes and cumming all over Keith's new couch!

19th Sep 2023

22:16 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Raven Ripley Gets Railed by Rowan!

Rowan and Raven are a real life T4T couple and they want to show you exactly how they love to have sex! In this episode of our "Real Sex" series, we wanted to highlight the primal urges these two have for each other! Rowan starts off by showing how much of a caring top he is by sensually kissing Raven and undressing her, but when he gets to the panties, he rips them off and starts to really take control! They give each other oral before Rowan straps up and fucks Raven all over the bed until she's a slippery shaking cummed-out mess!

16th May 2023

20:34 HD Video
& 92 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Rowan is Ready to Relax!

Rowan just got home from work and all he wants to do is jerk off, cum, and relax! He invites you to join him as he teasingly removes his work clothes. He sensually touches every part of his sexy body before making his way down to his hole. He slides some fingers in to get ready for his favorite toy, and once he can't hold out any longer, he slides his big dildo in and fucks himself in multiple positions until you both cum hard and then finally get to relax!

20th Apr 2023

11:53 HD Video
& 101 Photos

    Rating: N/A

The Return of Rowan!

The long awaited return of Rowan is here and it's so so HOT! Rowan gets right to business stripping out of his clothes because he knows just how bad you've been craving his hot body! He rubs his chest and makes his way down to his hairy hole and starts to play, spreading and touching every bit right in front of you. Rowan gets so turned on that he pulls out his favorite toy and fucks himself, wishing it was you!

14th Apr 2023

13:25 HD Video
& 97 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Valentine's Date with Nel Parker!

Nel Parker wants to take you on a romantic Valentine's dinner date but they want you to make them cum first! Nel uses a strapless strap on to pleasure themselves while stroking along side of you! Once you think you're just about to pop, Nel tells you to get down on your knees and beg for their cum, and for permission to do so yourself!

14th Feb 2023

12:55 HD Video
& 94 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Dickie Wolfe's New Dick Piercing!

Dickie Wolfe is back and he's here to show you his new favorite toy, his dick piercing! After stripping down and humping his pillow until his hole is wet, he shows off how intense his orgasms are with the new addition along with a vibrator and a dildo!

26th Jan 2023

12:48 HD Video
& 117 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Nel Parker's Naughty Debut!

We would like to introduce you to your new favorite non-binary nympho, Nel Parker! Nel is here to show off their body and become your ultimate fantasy! Nel starts off by telling you a bit about themselves before stripping down and fucking themselves with their favorite lightsaber dildo! Nel then adds a vibe toy to the mix and uses it while fucking themselves until they cum hard!

17th Jan 2023

15:50 HD Video
& 108 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Haskell Holland Gets Sweet and Sensual!

Haskell Holland is back again and this time he is in a sweet and sensual mood! Haskell wants you to join him in the bedroom as he strips off all his clothes and shows of his cute pain slut marked body. Haskell teases you with his wet holes and pulls out a massive double dildo and fucks himself silly with both sides right in front of you until he is all cummed out!

29th Dec 2022

11:03 HD Video
& 104 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Magnificent Trans-Men in Solo and Hardcore Scenes!
Enter the world of these proud, diverse and wonderful guys!

Haskell Holland is Pleasured by Pain!

Haskell Holland has returned to Transnificent and this time he really wants to show his true self! Haskell is such a pain slut and wants to have you witness him in sub space, so he sensually preps his body by slowly undressing and touching himself all over. He then pulls out metal clothespins and starts clamping them to his thighs and pussy! The pain makes him moan and after getting them all on there, he pulls them off one by one and shows you how he can cum just from taking off the last 2!

13th Dec 2022

11:40 HD Video
& 100 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Skater Boy Cher Mii Gets Fucked by Ava Holt!

Cher Mii just came home from skateboarding all day and his girlfriend Ava Holt is waiting for him in sexy lingerie! Cher immediately begins worshiping this mega hottie by kissing her all over and taking extra time with her perfect feet! Being worshiped like this turns Ava on so much that she flips Cher over and starts fucking him until she cums all over his cute ass!

24th Nov 2022

19:43 HD Video
& 81 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Fingers and Foot Jobs with Cher Mii!

Cher Mii knows how much you absolutely love his feet, so he invites you to watch as he oils up his soles and fucks them with a glass dildo. Cher rubs his dick until he can't take anymore and finally decides to shove the toy in his hole so he can cum all over it while you stroke!

1st Nov 2022

12:20 HD Video
& 113 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Circus Wrestling Turns Sexy!

The circus ringleader Trans Punk is relaxing by himself when strong man Wyatt Stone comes in and throws a pie in his face! Trans Punk is furious and decides to wrestle the strongman because he thinks its all just a show, but that wrestling turns sexy really fast! Wyatt strips Trans Punk down and bends him over his knee for a good spanking, and then both men take turns fucking each other in extremely hot positions until everyone is cummed out!

25th Oct 2022

26:26 HD Video
& 185 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Cher Mii's Sweaty Sensuality!

Cher Mii wants you to join him while he strips down and shows off his sweaty body. He knows how much you love stinky, hairy boys, so he shows off his sweaty armpits and talks dirty while you get rock hard. Cher rubs his dick and teases you while you stroke fast, hoping to cum at the same time he does!

11th Oct 2022

11:21 HD Video
& 130 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Wyatt Stone's Dildo Fun!

Wyatt Stone is back and he can't wait to finish what he previously started! Wyatt quickly gets undressed and lets you admire him before he pulls out all of his favorite toys and fucks himself until he squirts all over the bed!

27th Sep 2022

16:21 HD Video
& 111 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Wyatt Stone Does The Heavy Lifting!

Today we would like to introduce to you Wyatt Stone. He is new to the Grooby family and he fits right in! After telling you a bit about himself Wyatt shows off his hot body by gelling naked and flexing his muscles. Wyatt is ready to show you more than just his muscles though, so he brings out one of his favorite toys and fucks himself right to the edge!

13th Sep 2022

14:26 HD Video
& 114 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Cry Wolfe!

Today we would like to introduce to you Dickie Wolfe! He is new to the Grooby family and in this hot debut, he's ready to show off for you! After telling you a bit about himself, Dickie strips down to reveal his hot body and he knows it's driving you crazy. Dickie spreads his hole and shoves his fingers in an out before grabbing a toy to play with until he is right on the edge of bliss

16th Aug 2022

15:01 HD Video
& 117 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Felix Gets A Tail!

Sexpot Felix is back and he brought a toy! Felix had a big debut two weeks ago and he's back for his grand finale! Rocking some sweet threads he starts stripping for you, as he gets naked he can't stop touching himself he's so horny! For maximum pleasure the buttplug tail somes in, as he strokes his hard dick!

7th Jun 2022

17:14 HD Video
& 119 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Felix Rocks In!

Say hi to Felix! This hottie was captured by Moe in his Grooby debut and he's excited to bare all for you, stripping down and stroking that hard dick!

24th May 2022

19:09 HD Video
& 124 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Toe Worship with Cher Mii!

Cher is back and he's ready to party! He immediately strips down and plays with himself right in your face! Cher sucks his toes while fingering his pussy before pulling out a glass dildo and a vibrator to fuck himself until he cums... twice!

15th Apr 2022

14:12 HD Video
& 110 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Cher Mii's Dildo Fun!

oday we are here to introduce you to Cher Mii's first solo! He skated right into the Grooby family and he's here to stay! In this hot debut, Cher tells you a bit about himself before stripping down and playing with himself. He fingers his boy pussy until he's craving to be stuffed full. He pulls out a toy and fucks himself hard!

1st Apr 2022

14:50 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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