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Hair - Black Updates


Jax Mercurio Blows More Than Balloons!

Jax Mercurio is the kinkiest clown in the circus but he can't seem to blow his balloon animals right. P.F. Bhangs shows up to help him practice blowing him instead! Jax sucks on P.F.'s meaty dick before getting fucked with a balloon and then P.F.'s huge cock!

14th Nov 2023

23:21 HD Video
& 173 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

The Summoning!

It's All Hallows' Eve and Transnificent is brewing up something special! 5 trans men summon a 6th in this horny Halloween special featuring Keith Eros, Jaq Quicksilver, Kane Fawkes, Cher Mii, Joey Michaels, and Zeke Nix! These guys get down and dirty all over the summoning table! Lots of kissing, oral, and strap-on sex in this no tricks, all treats orgy!

31st Oct 2023

24:10 HD Video
& 70 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Nicky and Zeke Share Zariah!

Nicky Zeal and Zariah Aura made their way to Vegas to hang out with the Transnificent team, and Zeke Nix wanted to join in on the fun! This gonzo three-way is full of passion and energy, lots of sexy positions, and one of the best double facials we've seen yet!

10th Oct 2023

22:49 HD Video
& 94 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Jerk Off in Jake's Room!

Today you get to meet a new member of the Transnificent team, Jake FTM! In this self-submitted video, Jake invites you into his bedroom for a little fun! You both get undressed and start to jerk off together, and Jake shows you just how wet his boy pussy can get before fucking himself with his favorite toys while you stroke!

3rd Oct 2023

19:10 HD Video
& 129 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Keith And Cher Find A Fuck Buddy!

Keith Eros and Cher Mii are on the dating app "Groober" to find a fuck buddy, and they happen to come across a profile that seems to be looking for them too! Zeke Nix shows up and everyone gets along so well that they jump right into the fun! Zeke brought his huge strap on dildo to have both Keith and Cher suck and fuck while playing with each other's holes and cumming all over Keith's new couch!

19th Sep 2023

22:16 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Salem Sabotage Pounds His Pretty Boyfriend Price!

We are back again with another episode or our "Real Sex" series, where we like to show real life couples having sex the way THEY want! Today we have Salem Sabotage and Price who have been dating quite a while, and today they are going to give you a sneak peek of what happens in their bedroom! Salem is such a dynamic and caring top and Price just loves to please Salem. In this sexy scene, you get to see the range of their relationship being expressed through some hot hole pounding!

11th Jul 2023

17:15 HD Video
& 153 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Keith Eros Gets Fucked by Brian Bonds!

Keith Eros is usually the king of creative plots, but have you seen him get absolutely railed to the point of losing all focus? In this sexy gonzo scene, Brian Bonds fucks Keith in many different positions, making him cum again and again! Brian is a beast in the bedroom and it shows, especially when he blows his load all over Keith's pretty pussy!

27th Jun 2023

15:30 HD Video
& 122 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Fxxk Buck Bottoms for Pizza Boy Keith Eros!

Pizza boy Keith Eros is determined to give Fxxk Buck some sausage and Buck was willing to take it all! After both going down on each other, Keith slides his big cock right into Buck's tight ass and fucks him all over the bed!

30th May 2023

18:13 HD Video
& 77 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Cher Mii is a Slut for Apollo Moon!

Cher Mii seems to be getting passed around and now it's his turn with Apollo Moon! Apollo decides he's ready to bully Cher and turn him into his slut for the night! Apollo shoves Cher into his pits, makes him smell his musk and that just turns Cher into a submissive mess of horny! Apollo then straps up and fucks Cher hard all over the hotel bed until they get caught by one of the other guys coming home!

2nd May 2023

18:14 HD Video
& 77 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Cher Mii & Keith Eros!

Cher Mii and Keith Eros were traveling together for an awards show and they were booked to share a bed. At first, this seemed like a problem... until they caught each other looking at each the other's porn videos! After realizing they both had a crush on each other, things start to get hot and heavy as Keith takes control and makes Cher worship his body. Keith shoves Cher's face into his pits and let him suck his toes before strapping up with one of the biggest dicks you've ever scene! Keith then fucks Cher in multiple positions until he makes Cher squirt for the very first time!

6th Apr 2023

19:51 HD Video
& 95 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Joey Michaels Melts Your Heart & Makes You Cum!

Today we are introducing to you a model that will melt your heart AND make you cum! Joey Michaels is new to the Transnificent family and we already can't wait for more! In this spicy debut, Joey tells you a bit about himself before quickly stripping down and showing off his tight body. He's so horny and needs his hairy hole filled, so he pulls out a big toy and fucks himself to an orgasm while you watch!

4th Apr 2023

13:28 HD Video
& 98 Photos

    Rating: N/A

My Hole Ate my Homework with Apollo Moon!

In this sexy self-produced scene by Apollo Moon, Apollo is sick of school and would rather be cumming for you instead, so he decides to do just that! He teases you by undressing so sensually before he sucks his toy for you to imagine it was you. He then climbs on his desk and fucks himself until he cums all over his homework!

16th Mar 2023

15:30 HD Video
& 102 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Magnificent Trans-Men in Solo and Hardcore Scenes!
Enter the world of these proud, diverse and wonderful guys!

Illuminated Love with Gabe tha Babe and Tati Toxica

Gabe tha Babe is back and this time he brought his partner Tati Toxica! They want to show the world their favorite ways to fuck when they are alone. The first thing they do is set the mood with some chill lighting before sensually undressing each other. Gabe loves giving Tati head and Tati loves sitting on Gabe's face. When you watch this couple together you will see that they are made for each other both inside the bedroom and out!

14th Mar 2023

16:56 HD Video
& 95 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Kane is the King of Your Castle!

Today we are going to introduce you to the king of your dreams, Kane! After telling you a little bit about himself, Kane teases you by stripping and moving his body around so sensually it drives you crazy! Kane then tells you what he really wants to do, and that is to touch himself! Using one of his favorite dildos, Kane fuck his wet hole for you until you both cum hard!

2nd Mar 2023

14:50 HD Video
& 98 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Multiple Toys For Mowgli!

Mowgli is back and they're ready to get even naughtier! In this sexy scene produced by Apollo Moon, Mowgli strips out of their cute overalls and jock, then grabs multiple toys and alternates between the two in multiple positions before cumming so hard that they cream all over both toys!

23rd Feb 2023

14:06 HD Video
& 92 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Godly Desires With Keith Eros!

In this sensual movie Keith Eros paints a picture of a divine intimate moment together. Worship his godly body and take in the sultry sounds of his voice as he audibly guides you through a story of shared pleasure. [This movie includes closed captions].

16th Feb 2023

17:25 HD Video
& 108 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Meet Mowgli!

Today we would like to introduce you to a new model named Mowgli! In this hot directorial debut by Apollo Moon, Mowgli introduces themselves to you before quickly stripping down to expose their massive cock. They stroke right in front of you until they decide they want their holes filled too, so they grab their fav toy and fuck themselves until they are dripping the creamiest cum right in your face!

9th Feb 2023

11:18 HD Video
& 102 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Apollo and Jake's Convention Connection!

Apollo Moon and Jake waters have been trying to fuck for over a year but their schedules just never lined up. Just so happened that during the sex convention they both ended up with a free hour FINALLY! So Apollo asks Jake to join him and from there the sparks fly! They passionately kiss and undress each other before taking turns receiving oral from each other. Once Jake finally enters Apollo's hole he just can't stop. Apollo gets fucked hard by Jake in multiple positions until he cums all over Jake's dick, and then Jake cums all over Apollos cute hairy ass! 

12th Jan 2023

22:21 HD Video
& 144 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Brex Boogie is Back!

Brex Boogie is back and and he wants you to take your time worshiping his body as he slowly undresses in front of you. He sensually touches every part of his body and you can't look away. Seeing Brex cum is exactly what you need and Brex knows this, teasing you until you are about to pop at the same time that he does! 

3rd Jan 2023

12:53 HD Video
& 112 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Cozy Cumming with Nicky Z!

Now that Nicky Z is all cozy in his comfy Grooby hoodie and sweats, he can't help but think of that time he pounded his ass in front of you in the bathtub and gets really horny! He pulls his pants down and starts rubbing on his dick until he needs to fill his hole! He then fucks himself with one of his favorite toys until he squirts all over you!

22nd Dec 2022

13:40 HD Video
& 103 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Apollo Moon Makes you Cum!

Apollo Moon knows you had a hard day, so he wants you to follow his instructions as he guides you through a hot relaxation ritual of jerking off! Apollo wants you to touch and explore your body just as he does to his. Listening to Apollo tell you exactly how to bring yourself to climax is driving you crazy and right as you can't hold it in much longer, Apollo gives you the hottest cum countdown you have ever witnessed!

6th Dec 2022

12:30 HD Video
& 91 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Cher Mii And Nikki Sequoia Catch Trans Punk and Sydney Screams!

Cher Mii and Nikki Sequoia come home from a date and find Trans Punk and Sydney Screams fucking in their bed! Cher and Nikki tease them a bit for fucking all day but Trans Punk and Sydney wave them over to join. Cher and Nikki oblige and strip out of their clothes to join the fun! The boys tag team Nikki and Sydney in multiple positions, swapping spots and holes over and over until everyone is all cummed out!

1st Dec 2022

17:23 HD Video
& 86 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Trans Punk Has a Crush on Sydney Screams!

Trans Punk and Sydney Screams have been crushing on each other for quite some time, and now that they finally have a chance to get together these two hotties are on it! They both take turns giving each other oral before Sydney straps up and fucks Trans Punk's hot hairy hole until he cums all over Sydney's cock. Sydney then decides it's their turn to get fucked and asks Trans Punk to fill them up as well! But just when you think they are tired out, you realize there's a part 2 to this saga... to be continued...

29th Nov 2022

20:25 HD Video
& 163 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Jerk Off in Tandem with Trans Punk!

Trans Punk is back and he's here to make sure you don't go another day without an intense orgasm, so he has you admire his body while he strips down in front of you. Once you're nice and hard, he wants you both to jerk off in tandem until you blow your load all over his beautiful bush!

22nd Nov 2022

14:59 HD Video
& 93 Photos

    Rating: N/A

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